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What are home remedies?

If your parents were Indian and you grew up in a home with natural remedies, you probably used them at some point. All thanks to the nearly 3,000-year-old heritage of traditional medicine in India! From today’s point of view, many plants and herbs employed in these cures have been shown by scientists to have beneficial properties. Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic from a modern standpoint, many plants, and herbs employed in these treatments are shown by scientists to have beneficial properties. 

Home remedies for common diseases 

For stomach aches: Many diseases, including acidity, indigestion, constipation, poor eating habits, and liver damage cause stomachaches. Asafoetida (hing) increases the activity of the digestive enzymes and leaves a calming effect that reduces pain in the stomach. 

Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic combine a third of a teaspoon of coriander powder, a small sprinkle of rock salt, and a small pinch of asafoetida. Chew well and sip on warm water.

For healthy teeth: Poor oral care usually leads to tooth damage and foul breath. Even though brushing your teeth regularly is advised, sesame oil (til) can help your teeth stay healthier. It has strong antibacterial properties and lessens tooth bacteria, leaving your smile looking great.

Clean your gums with a tablespoon of sesame oil for fifteen to twenty minutes. Take caution not to take it in. Use your index finger to gently massage your gums after spitting the oil. You can lessen gum inflammation and prevent dental cavities, poor breath, and dental infections.

For the common cold: Conditions in the nose and other breathing issues can be caused by cold weather and pollution. Adrak, or ginger, breaks down mucus in the respiratory system and relaxes the respiratory muscles. Recent studies show ginger and black pepper, often known as kali mirch, can strengthen the body’s protection against illness. Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic   

Mix jaggery (gur) and black pepper into your ginger tea to help with breathing problems and prevent common colds. You can consume this drink to strengthen your immunity against diseases brought on by pollutants and seasonal infections, regardless of whether you don’t have problems with your breathing. 

For joint pain: There are several causes of pain in joints, such as age, way of life, and food deficiencies. Milk and jaggery both include important nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, that may be good for your bones.

Consume a daily glass of milk mixed with jaggery to fortify your bones and reduce joint pain.

For excess body heat: A collection of excess heat in the body can lead to a variety of ailments, including infections, digestive disorders, and sleep. Ancient Ayurvedic literature mentions the Indian gooseberry, or amla, as having sheeta (coolant) qualities. You might use this cure to get rid of extra body heat.

Pour 200 ml of water over 25 g of powdered Indian gooseberry. Bring to a boil over low heat, moving continually, until it reduces to about 50 ml. After filtering, let it cool. Stir in 5 g of jaggery powder and drink 20 ml of this mixture. You can take it once or twice a day, before a meal, for optimal benefits. home remedies wellhealthorganic   

For nausea: Food poisoning, motion sickness, pregnancy, acidity, and other conditions can all result in nausea and vomiting. Vomiting too much might cause dehydration. The finest spice to relieve nausea is cardamom (elaichi), as the aromatic spice possesses stomachic, anti-inflammatory, and carminative qualities.

One or two cardamom pods can be chewed. Another cure is to combine half a cup of plain yogurt with half a teaspoon of honey and two pinches of cardamom powder. 

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Home remedies for hair fall: Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic 

Onion juice for healthy hair:

Everybody desires beautiful, long, and thick hair. However, only a few people achieve the ideal level of hair growth. Generally, despite their desire for beautiful and classy hair, the majority of people nowadays experience hair loss. Severe hair loss could have a variety of causes. Hair loss runs in some people’s families. They gradually start to lose hair over time. Additional causes of hair loss include hormonal shifts and health conditions. In some extremely stressful situations, treatments for illness or radiation may also be the hidden reasons for hair loss.

A common household ingredient, onions have several uses. Onions are beneficial for several illnesses, but they can also be used as a hair growth cure. In the following ways, onions can be good for hair:

  • It can cure several kinds of infections on the scalp
  • As a dandruff treatment, it helps
  • It increases the growth of hair
  • In addition, onion juice soothe dry, irritated, or itchy scalps

Its application makes it easy to increase its effectiveness without the need for additional hair-growth onion tips. This is how to apply it:

  • Cut and peel a few onions.
  • Use a juicer to remove their juice.
  • Apply this fresh juice to the scalp and hair roots. Use a light shampoo to wash the scalp and hair.

Lemon juice for healthy hair

One of the best natural treatments for hair growth is lemon juice. The juice has bleaching properties and is high in Vitamin C. Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic Lemon juice can help with the growth of hair since it has the following advantages:

  • It makes the hair beautiful.
  • It could decrease the hair’s oiliness.
  • Lemon juice can be used to treat dandruff.
  • It can naturally lighten hair.

How to use lemon juice for faster results and increased efficiency:

  • Take the juice from several lemons.
  • Use this lemon juice to massage the scalp.
  • Give the juice 10 to 15 minutes to settle into your scalp’s pores.
  • Use only Ayurvedic shampoo for your hair and scalp.
  • After washing, condition your hair with a conditioner

Egg Mask: 

One of the oldest known remedies for hair growth is an egg mask. Eggs provide protein and biotin, which give hair the essential nutrition it needs. This protein repairs damaged hair in addition to providing nutrition for moisturizing. In addition, the egg mask promotes hair growth in the following ways:

  • Eggs’ nutritional value might help to condition the scalp.
  • The protein can increase hair follicles in eggs.
  • It functions as an organic moisturizer. 

There are five methods to use eggs for hair growth:

  • Egg, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil Mask
  • Egg, Banana, and Honey Mask
  • Egg, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil Mask
  • Egg and Curd Mask
  • Egg and Castor Oil Mask

Indian Gooseberry: home remedies well health organic   

Indian Gooseberry(amla) is one of the best Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic for rapid hair growth. Amla powder has been utilized for centuries by Indians to cure a wide range of illnesses. Amla is mentioned in many Ayurvedic texts. It has the following potential advantages for healthy hair:

  • They may function as the scalp’s organic conditioner.
  • They increase your hair’s volume.
  • Using amla in hair wash can help reduce dandruff.

How to utilize amla for effective hair growth:

  • Add around 4–5 tablespoons of oil to a pan.
  • Apply a little heat to the oil.
  • Bring the oil to a boil and mix in 1 tablespoon of amla powder.
  • After removing the pan and letting the oil cool, turn off the heat.
  • Apply the oil sparingly to your scalp and hair as soon as it’s cold enough to handle.

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Curry leaves:

Curry leaves are popularly known as Kadi Patta in many Indian places. It is a staple element in Indian kitchens, often used as a spice. Curry leaves offer some qualities that are advantageous for the growth of your hair. Curry leaves can help you in the following ways:

  • Curry leaves contain antioxidants that counteract free radicals and promote hair development.
  • Curry leaves contain particular proteins that can stimulate hair growth. 

Curry leaves have three uses to help with hair growth:

  • Hair tonic 
  • Mask
  • Use in a diet

Curry leaves are fried in coconut oil to make curry tonic, and curry leaf paste is prepared with dairy products. Both of these natural treatments have very similar health advantages. Curry leaves are an easy way to include them in your diet using the third method. Just add them as a spice to your curries. 

Vinegar with cider apples: Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic   

The unique smell of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is well-known. However, it is also the most effective treatment for hair growth if used properly. Many issues relating to hair can be treated with ACV. Among them are, to name a few:

  • The base and dry hair can be balanced by the acidic properties of ACV.
  • By regulating bacteria and fungi, it functions as a herbal disinfectant to cure various scalp illnesses.
  • It has nutrients and vitamins that promote hair development. 

How to use ACV to get better results:

  • A pour glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Once your hair has been shampooed and conditioned, apply the mixture. 
  • After a few minutes, rinse.
  • If the strong odor of acidic pungent is too difficult for you, you can add some essential oil. But as you rinse your hair, the smell is certain to disappear. 

Coconut oil supports healthy hair growth.

Using coconut oil directly is one of the best hair growth treatments possible. Coconut oil has long been used in Indian homes for routine use and massage. It improves hair in the following ways, in addition to increasing hair growth:

  • It makes the hair softer.
  • It can give hair more shine.
  • It treats a variety of infections of the scalp. 

How can you use coconut oil for hair growth?

  • Take some coconut oil in a small bowl.
  • For 30 to 40 seconds heat with the help of a microwave.
  • Ensure the oil has become a lift and is not completely liquid.
  • Ensure that the temperature of the oil is usable.
  • Dip your fingers in the oil and massage the scalp with your fingers.

Heartburn Home Treatment:

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with eight tablespoons (1 cup) of water, then mix and enjoy. Natural antacids include baking soda. In the body, bananas have a natural acidic effect. Bananas can be eaten either fresh or dried. One of the early treatments for stomach pain is using fresh ginger. It can be drunk as ginger tea, added to cooked foods, or eaten raw.

  • Apply duct tape to get rid of warts.
  • Use a vapor rub to treat fungal nails.
  • Use oatmeal to soothe eczema.
  • Yogurt can help treat bad breath.
  • A sugar spoonful to alleviate hiccups.
  • To relieve a headache, bite into a pencil.
  • Consume olives as a remedy for motion sickness.

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Improved Eyesight at Home Remedies: Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic 

Our daily lives depend heavily on vision. Eyes are always helpful, whether you want to finish your weekend job or watch your favorite movie. But sometimes we might not think about our eye health. This may result in various issues with eye care. We offer helpful advice to improve eyesight at home naturally.

These tips are eye-sight improvements for home remedies. 

  • Walking on green grass in the morning is beneficial for eyesight. When you do this regularly, the difference will be visible in a few days.
  • The diet also affects eyesight. In such a situation, make spinach, eggs, carrots, green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, etc. a part of your diet.
  • The consumption of amla is considered very good for our Skin and hair. Apart from this, it also helps keep our eyesight strong. Therefore, if you eat Amla murabba, powder, juice, jam, etc. in the morning, you will get benefits soon.
  • Black pepper is also considered good for eye health. Eat one-fourth of the black pepper powder mixed with one spoonful of cow ghee every day. Then see how the eyesight improves.
  • Eating onions and garlic also helps maintain eyesight. Grind almonds, fennel, and sugar and make powder. Now drink it mixed with milk every day before sleeping at night. In a few days, the weakened eyesight will be cured.

Foods and vegetables are good for your eyes:

Fruits and vegetables rich in essential vitamins and minerals:

  • Carrots
  • Red peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet potato
  • Spinach
  • Citrus fruits

Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic for healthy skin

Saffron (for oily and sensitive skin types)

Saffron is very beneficial to skin health. It makes the skin appear more radiant and lighter in tone. It works well for clearing out blackheads, blemishes, and acne. Saffron lightens dark circles and smooths our skin.

Almonds (all skin types)

 Almonds are high in antioxidants and vitamin E. Our skin remains healthy and radiant with regular massages with almond oil. Likewise, it avoids wrinkles and fine lines. Our skin is kept moisturized and free of acne by it. Likewise, it lessens dark circles and stretch marks. 

Turmeric (all skin types)

Turmeric, a magical spice that is blessed with antibacterial properties, will never let you down. Strong antioxidants like turmeric aid in giving skin a beautiful sheen. Its anti-inflammatory ingredient, curcumin, aids in the reduction of swelling.

Honey (all skin types)

Honey keeps the skin moisturized and is amazing as a moisturizer. The antibacterial qualities of honey help prevent infections and lessen skin conditions such as acne at home. Honey promises beautiful skin. The bleaching qualities aid in the fading of scars and coloration.

Olive Oil (Dry Skin Type)

Olive oil comprises skin benefits because it has antioxidant properties. It aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Applying Olive oil to the skin following exposure to sunlight is shown to kill cancer-causing cells. Olive oil is well-known for repairing damaged skin. Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic and give the skin a lovely, glossy look in act quite beneficially on it.

Milk (Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone, and Dry)

Tyrosine, the melanin-controlling hormone, leads to the darkening of the skin. Milk controls the level of tyrosine in the skin and promotes a skin full of glow. Raw milk is one of the easiest-to-access ingredients for getting good-looking skin.

Besan (all skin types)

Besan has been used for many years, When it comes to fulfilling the desire for brighter, healthier skin, Besan has never let anyone down. Besan, also known as gram flour, helps remove dead skin cells and functions as a natural exfoliant. Purchasing high-end makeup or face packs off the store shelf is not necessary. Besan can wonderfully help in the beauty, younger and healthier skin. 

Cucumber (all skin types)

Dark circles, chapped lips, or dry skin—are types of problems to be improved. Add cucumbers to your diet as well as your cosmetic routine. The PH of cucumber is the same as that of human skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and aids in restoring the skin’s protective barrier that contributes to radiant skin. Home Remedies Wellhealthorganic

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