Editorial & Research Policy

Capsuleinfo.com is one of the leading & trustworthy resources for drug and health-related information. A comprehensive independent approach gives a vivid and concise format for all consumers and healthcare professionals.

The structure of our site is such that it provides visitors with an intuitive approach, which is easy to navigate and provides access to an extensive range of drugs and databases available. If you see any challenges or gaps with the navigation and suggestions, you should email us.

All you need to do is to review the site design and navigate the weekly design meetings. The information available on the Capsule info.com displays falls under the licensing agreement with various publishers leaving no question about the legitimacy of the information.

Our Editorial Workflow :

  • Planning and Research: Our team explores areas to make the Content authentic and address areas to fill the gaps. To retain its authenticity and healthcare code of conduct, we get it checked by clinical specialists.
  • Structure of the Content: All our Content information meets logical coherency and users need to increase their knowledge & information about drugs & healthcare.
  • Content Curation: Following a legitimate Content curation process from medical journals, analysis of articles, whitepapers & case studies, practice & guidelines summary product characteristics( SmPc) of all statements and textbooks.
  • Content Creation: Our expert team of healthcare doctors ensures collaboration with authentic Content and follows a stringent drafting policy.
  • Citation and Referencing: The team ensures that the facts, statistics, and & guidelines we use meet world-class standards.
  • Content Review: Accuracy & Consistency are the two pillars that make our Content free from any violations, to meet quality standards.
  • Language Consistency: To retain the language consistency of the Content the published material is reviewed by an expert editor.
  • Readability Assessment: We avoid using bias, or language that violates scientific credibility. After the manual audit, we do A/B testing to ensure the Content is digestible.
  • Feedback Assessment:  We are open to feedback, and suggestions from our in-house team as well as about user preferences.
  • Regular Updates: We do understand and realise the importance that updates are around the corner as per research and advancements.

Editorial Review Process

They regularly review all the information provided by the trusted medical publishing partners and ensure the given Content is well-researched, accurate, and up-to-date. The review and update status is found at the top or bottom of each document.

Our Content Policy

The Information available on the website be it about medicine or healthcare is vetted and validated by a panel of doctors. Moreover, before we publish any Content material on the website, we make sure it adheres to SOP (standard operating procedures) and doesn’t violate or challenge any norms. Further, we state that—it works only as a preventative measure, and we strictly avoid proclaiming a prognosis, treatment, or anything resembling any severe and life-threatening diseases. For that, you should always visit general medical practitioners.

Under the Stewardship of our senior doctor, our team ensures discretion on bits and pieces of diagnosis, and treatment of all the lifestyle, non-communicable & various diseases.

We desist the practice of information using generative AI tools like Chat GPT, and to avoid any traces —we check our Content in proven tools like Copyleaks, Winston AI, Turnitin, and Copyscape to avoid plagiarism or copyright issues. 

The Content Framework We Adhere

At Capsuleinfo.com, we follow a stringent code of conduct for all medical and health content generation to ensure they provide authentic and trustworthy information. Our marketing team ensures we maintain the highest standard of medical integrity using the following guidelines & parameters.

Accuracy: All our medical content is well-researched, trustworthy, and reliable

Authoritative: Our Content material meets the author’s experience, expertise, qualifications, and Content sources.

Up- to- Date Information: Navigating our medical research, news, and guidelines at regular intervals keeps our Medical bulletins up-to-date.

Contextual: We formulate the Content alignment with all the user needs.

Complementary: We act as a bridge between doctor & patient to provide information but not jeopardize the consensual & fiduciary doctor-patient relationship(DPR)

Credibility: Prompt Citing & Referencing ensures we get the published information

Transparency & Accountability: We provide the right information and are unbiased towards the brand, products, or services