CapsuleinfoBlogFrom Duffles to Crossbodies, BEIS Helps You Stay Stylish on the Go

From Duffles to Crossbodies, BEIS Helps You Stay Stylish on the Go

The right luggage and bags can help raise your travel experience to the next level. Keeping your personal items organized and safe frees you to focus on your trip, whether it is a family adventure or a business meeting. The right bags can also give you an air of sophistication and finesse. BEIS specializes in attractive and durable travel bags for women, men, and children. 

Weekenders & Totes

Smaller bags that you can carry on airplanes and easily stash in vehicles keep your essential items close at hand. Both women and men benefit from carrying weekenders and totes, which offer versatility as well as convenience. An added bonus is that today’s weekenders and totes look great. 


Modern weekenders are no longer heavy, bulky things you have to lug around and want to hide as much as possible. Today’s styles come in many colors and materials, making it easy to find duffles that fit your personal style and needs. 

Some weekenders even have detachable bottoms that serve as packing cubes. Convertible models that allow you to remove part of the bag make great compact day bags, ideal for excursions. Quality weekenders often have easy-access laptop compartments. 


Whether you pack heavy or light, a good tote can be an indispensable part of your travel ensemble. They serve many purposes, from carrying children’s toys, snacks, and supplies to storing valuable documents in folders.

Quality totes will have multiple pockets that keep essential items such as phones, eyeglasses, and keys within easy reach. Good travel totes are rugged and come in multiple colors to match your wardrobe and also to allow you to have a coordinating luggage set. 

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks are always popular for traveling, and for good reason. They let you organize your personal items and carry them easily. They are small enough to serve as carry-on luggage, and if you are traveling light or on a short outing, they make great traveling companions. 

Some backpack styles are more polished and will look at home in the boardroom. Others have a sportier look, while still others are designed to be outstanding diaper bags that carry everything you need for an outing with children. 

Speaking of children, youngsters can carry their own items in backpacks sized and designed just for them. Quality backpacks for children sit light on their backs, with easy-stash pockets for essential items. They may also feature removable waist packs for hands-free convenience during excursions or for keeping items handy in busy airports. 


Crossbodies are great for traveling as well as for everyday use. Thoughtfully designed bags allow you easy access to the items you need most while keeping your hands free. They also become part of your wardrobe effortlessly, whether you are on a day outing or have traveled thousands of miles from home. If you have a great crossbody to go with your check-in luggage, you have everything you need to look polished and stay organized. 

Good travel bags make life easier, no matter the nature or scope of your trip. The best bags look stylish while keeping your personal items organized and safe. Choosing high-quality coordinated luggage from BEIS can help make traveling both fun and fashionable. 

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