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4 Effective Ways to Soothe Your Baby’s Stomach Ache

It’s normal for babies to get fussy for long stretches every day. But if someday your baby seems to cry more often than usual, it could be indicative that they are suffering from stomach ache. While constipation is the most common cause of tummy aches in babies, gas, colic, lactose intolerance, or stomach flu could also be culprits. 

The cries, squirms, and general uneasiness accompanied by stomach aches are enough to send any parent into a frenzy of worry. However, do not worry; there are tried and tested methods that can help soothe your baby’s upset stomach. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them. 

Signs Your Baby Has an Upset Tummy

Babies are non-verbal communicators. Even without speaking a word, your little one can express themselves using vocal sounds, a variety of facial expressions, and body movements. 

If your baby has a stomach ache, they will communicate it in several ways. Watch out for the following signs and symptoms if you suspect your little one has a painful tummy:

  • Refusal to eat
  • Vomiting or spitting up
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Crying more than usual
  • Making grimacing faces
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Displaying tense body language like inability to be still or tightening muscles

4 Tips for Soothing Baby Tummy Aches

Here are a few tips that will help you soothe your baby’s upset belly:

1. Give Your Baby a Gentle Tummy Massage

Gas is the most common cause of tummy pain in babies. If you suspect your little one is in discomfort due to gas, give them a gentle tummy massage. It will provide them with immense relief from discomfort. 

To massage your baby, lay them on their back on a soft surface. Use your fingertips to make gentle circular motions applying light pressure. This massage technique will release trapped gas as well as stimulate digestion by promoting the movement of food through the intestines.  

Be attentive to your baby’s cues throughout the massage. Stop if they show signs of discomfort. 

2. Find the Right Formula

If breastfeeding isn’t an option and your formula-fed baby is experiencing tummy troubles, opting for the right formula can make a significant difference. When fed with cow milk-based protein formula, babies often vomit and experience some degree of reflux, diarrhea, and gassiness. 

Even worse, some babies, especially preterm infants, develop necrotizing enterocolitis due to formula feeding. NEC, or necrotizing enterocolitis, is a fatal intestinal disease that causes inflammation and injury of the gut wall barrier. Per a recent finding, the rate of NEC is exponentially higher among babies who are fed cow milk-based formula than human milk. Bear in mind that constipation or tummy trouble is one of the symptoms of NEC. 

Several lawsuits are being filed against baby formula brands. TorHoerman Law informs that baby formulas of Enfamil and Similac have been named in baby formula lawsuits. Parents of babies diagnosed with NEC are suing the manufacturers Mead Johnson (Enfamil) and Abbott Laboratories (Similac) in the lawsuit. 

The NEC baby formula lawsuit alleges that their preemies developed NEC after being fed with their cow milk-based protein formula, and the risks weren’t disclosed on the warning labels. Note that many full-term babies also developed NEC. 

Thus, it’s best to avoid cow milk-based formula. Instead, opt for a hypoallergenic alternative. These baby formulas contain milk protein that is broken down into much smaller components, so your baby’s digestive system won’t have to do much work. Hypoallergenic formulas also help with gastrointestinal issues.

Two types of hypoallergenic formulas are available: amino acid-based and extensively hydrolyzed. You can use either. However, to be on the safe side, it’s best to seek advice from a lactation expert. 

3. Bicycle Legs

A simple yet effective technique for relieving gas and soothing your baby’s tummy discomfort is to bicycle their legs. The bicycling technique is quite easy. All you have to do is mimic the bicycle ride. In simple words, push your baby’s legs one by one towards the chest while stretching the other. 

This exercise engages the abdomen’s muscles, helping the gas trapped in the intestine find its way out. Hopefully, your little one’s upset tummy will be relieved. 

4. Try a Warm Bath or Towel

A warm bath or towel can work wonders in soothing your baby’s tummy ache. 

For a warm bath, fill your baby’s tub with comfortably warm water and lower them into the water. The gentle sensation of water will help relax their abdominal muscles, easing any cramps or discomfort. Or, you can soak a towel in warm water and gently massage their tummy with it. This will promote relaxation and aid digestion. 

To sum things up, if your baby has a stomach ache due to gas, constipation, or formula, these tips will provide them relief. Rest assured that you’ll have your baby feeling better in no time. 

However, it’s essential to pay attention to your baby’s cues. Consult with your pediatrician if tummy troubles persist or are accompanied by other concerning symptoms such as breathing problems or vomiting blood. 

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