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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

What if we tell you that nearly 30% of Ahmedabad population is suffering from obesity? Yes, that’s right! 1 out of every individual in Ahmedabad is obese. These numbers might become 2 out of 3 in the upcoming years if corrective actions are not taken. 

Several ways exist at present to control weight. It includes limiting oily and junk food intake, consuming smaller meals instead of excessive eating, brisk walking and cycling, exercising in parks or gyms, and even weight loss supplements. These options are handy and will give you results over time. 

However, if you want a significant fat loss in a shorter duration, like 30 to 70 kgs, bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad is the ideal solution. It is a gateway to new life and reclaims your vitality by gaining control of your life. Apart from that, surgery cures numerous health issues and increases your life longevity. 

Now, this will sound like an excellent transformative weight loss solution for you. But hold on! There are certain things that you must keep in mind before undergoing bariatric surgery. Continue reading as we discuss those crucial aspects and surgery benefits to help you make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started!

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What Is Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Let us first give you a quick overview of bariatric surgery. It is a specialized medical procedure performed by surgeons across Ahmedabad for 20+ years. It is designed to help individuals with severe obesity attain significant fat loss and enhance their health and quality of life. Bariatric weight loss surgery involves adjusting the digestive system to limit calorie intake and food absorption. 

Based on your weight loss goals, body shape, and health condition, your bariatric surgeon will suggest the most suitable surgical procedure. It can be gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, adjustable gastric banding, or any other.

Moreover, obesity operation significantly improves or even entirely resolves obesity-associated health issues. It reduces the risk of critical medical conditions and treatment costs in the future. 

Remember, bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad is an ideal choice for individuals who haven’t achieved the desired weight loss after trying various methods. 

Long-Term Benefits of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

In this section, we will discuss the impressive long-term benefits of bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad that extend beyond shedding excessive pounds.

  1. Firstly, post-surgery, you will see a notable improvement in your body mobility and functionality. You can bend your muscles while performing household chores, working out in the gym, or stretching exercises. 

With reduced joint pain, you can actively perform daily activities and lose more weight to get into fitter shape.

  1. Secondly, surgery increases life expectancy, lowers mortality rate, and enhances overall quality of life. Patients undergoing the bariatric procedure experience a significant reduction in obesity-related conditions that can turn severe if not addressed beforehand. It lowers the risk of dying from heart disease and stroke.
  2. Thirdly, weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad enhances overall mental health by boosting self-esteem, confidence, and social recognition. Post-operation, you will notice the alleviation of depression and anxiety symptoms. 

You can actively participate in social gatherings, family activities, and adventure sports without the limitations imposed by obesity. 

  1. Lastly, you will be saving on long-term medication bills and treatment costs as bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad partially or entirely cures obesity-related health issues. It includes type 2 diabetes, irregular blood pressure and cholesterol levels, disturbed sleeping cycle, skin disorders, and many more concerns. 

The above long-term benefits showcase that surgery is a powerful tool for attaining sustained weight loss and enhanced overall health and well-being. 

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Key Considerations Before Undergoing Bariatric Surgery

In the last section, we will discuss the crucial aspects to remember before embarking on a bariatric surgery journey to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Staying Focused

Fat loss surgery is not a quick fix solution. You must stay committed to healthy eating and regular exercise to maintain the weight loss achieved for decades. A lifelong commitment to lifestyle changes is vital for the sustained success of the surgery.

Surgical Risks And Complications

Specific risks and complications are associated with bariatric procedures, such as bleeding, blood clots, infection, and nutrient deficiencies. We advise you to discuss the potential risks with the surgical team so they will manage them professionally. 

Note: Get the surgery performed by the best bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad. It ensures the operation is done skilfully without minimal complications and a higher success rate.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Post-surgery, your body will lose valuable nutrients, and due to adjustments in the digestive system, you will absorb fewer nutrients. Hence, choose a reliable weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad that offers professional dietician support pre- and post-surgery to ensure your body gets essential nutrients and any deficiency is fulfilled in a shorter timeframe. 

For instance, the NObesity Weight Loss Center in Ahmedabad provides free lifelong support, including psychological counseling and dietician support. Patients can visit for regular follow-ups to get blood tests done to monitor nutrient levels.

Support System

Fifthly, choose a bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad with a comprehensive team of counsellors, psychologists, endocrinologists, physicians, dieticians, nutritionists, and nursing care. 

This ensures you get a complete support system right from the initial consultation and throughout the journey. It helps you overcome all the fears associated with surgery and makes you mentally and emotionally prepared for the operation. 

As mentioned in the above point, some centers like NObesity offer comprehensive support, including behavioral counseling and dieticians, so you can mentally and psychologically adopt a new lifestyle. They also make sure you are eating nutritious food in appropriate quantities and exercising regularly for sustained weight loss.

Cost And Insurance

The last aspect you must consider is verifying with your insurance company or agency whether bariatric weight loss surgery is included in your insurance coverage. In today’s era, insurance companies provide coverage for bariatric weight loss surgery in their plans. 

If obesity treatment is included in your policy, then understand all the costs and services involved. It includes pre-surgery evaluations, during the operation, and post-operative care. It will save you a massive initial investment, making bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad cost-effective.

Considering all the discussed aspects will prepare you mentally, emotionally, and psychologically for bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad, increasing the likelihood of a successful operation. 


After reading the article, you will have comprehended the long-term benefits of surgery and the essential aspects you must keep in mind before undergoing obesity treatment. 

Remember, having a strong support network of family, friends, and colleagues is crucial to motivating and not misguiding you with wrong information. 

You can even attend support groups organized by several weight loss centers wherein you can interact with patients who have undergone surgery to gain valuable insights from their personal experiences and resolve your queries. All this will prepare you for the operation and ensure a smooth weight-loss journey. 

Moreover, showcase your dedication to the new life by adopting healthy practices for the long-term success of the surgery. It will also increase your life expectancy and enhance your quality of life.

We hope this article was worth your time and enriched your understanding of the pivotal aspects to keep in mind before undergoing weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad.

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